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Ford Cortina Mk II

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After nearly 10 years of agony it´s time for a major overhaul of the content and some fresh pictures.

Over the last years most of the classic junkyards were eliminated by environmental laws, nowadays it´s very hard to find some interesting old tin lost in nature. Two of the most famous places - Kaufdorf in Switzerland and Chatillon in Belgium - were finally destroyed as late as 2010. Both, not mentioned here so far because they still existed, now got a (small) memorial on this pages. Do you know about other old yards in Europe still in existence?
Please tell me about before all is gone - discretion is guaranteed.

All cars shown here are long gone, so please do not ask me for spare parts, I can´t help.

Rust photography is not my only passion,
I am visiting various classic car events as a spectator, active participant or even part of the organisation.
My yearly favourite : the "Creme 21 Youngtimer Rallye". 

Creme21 Youngtimer Rallye

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